Welcome to the Dutch Day Events site. Here you will read about Dutch events in Southern California.

Three main annual events are the King’s Day (Koningsdag) in April, the Holland Festival in May and the “Dutch American Heritage Day” celebration in November.


The first two events are organized by the United Netherlands Organizations in SoCal. This is an umbrella organization of all the Dutch organizations in LA County. The UNO meets monthly and ensures that all the individual Dutch clubs and organizations are kept in synch and that there are no conflicting events going on. Some organizations have been around sinds the early years of the last century. Others grew in popularity after WWII when a big flow of Dutch emigrants came to California. The main organizations belonging to the UNO are: Soccer Club, AVIO, Wapenbroeders, NAF, NAS, NESSO and Avendo.

Another Dutch themed meetup / worldwide network  is NLBORRELS. This group consists  mainly of Dutch expats, students, tourists and new immigrants. People who look to meet fellow Dutch men and women and get together at a local bar. Sharing a beer and preferably Dutch hors d’oevres  like ‘bitterballen’ and ‘kaas’.

If you know of a  Dutch themed event that is coming up, please send us an email at info@dutch-day.com and we will write about it.


Please find below an update of all Netherlands Organizations of South California.





HOLLAND SOCCER CLUB (after 60 years it closed its door in the summer of 2017)

AVENDO (not active)

WAPENBROEDERS (not active)

Contact details and links to their websites, if they have one.

Events can be communicated to info@dutch-day.com