A little piece of Holland when Dutch soccer fans from all over greater Los Angeles area came together at the Happy Endings in Hollywood. This popular sportsbar was turned into a Dutch Pub or ‘Bruin cafe’ as they call it in Holland. Around 450+ Dutchies and soccer fans filled up the place. We had to turn away an additional¬† 150 orange fans. The media was present and we got coverage on NBC news:


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A semi happy ending as we did make it to the finals but had to settle for the no.2.

We were happy as we came¬† together in Orange! Celebrating and rooting for our national team… in a true Dutch fashion! We had Dutch Style Fries served with mayonaise, ketchup and freshly chopped onions. We had Dutch Beef Bites (bitterballen) with mostard. Of course we had Heineken and Amstel Beer. Also, Dutch Cheese and Caramel Waffles and while we were munching and cheering… during the breaks we got to sing along to some Dutch Folk Music. Wow, we can do this every year!